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Thread: a website bug NOT flash MX

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    a website bug NOT flash MX

    ok - I dont know where to post this - I tried before and it got deleted
    but its a serious problem,

    there are sound loops that are most definately NOT royalty free present in the downloads marked as freeware - this could cause the end user(s)
    many problems, depending upon what they are using the sounds for of course -

    I have recently tried to contact via email one "author" and cannot -
    is there no monitoring of the downloads or what ?

    Sound Loops and FX Sound content is either Freeware (you can use as desired), Linkware (link to the artists site), Shareware / Special (usage details will accompany the description)

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    I know what you mean.

    It's utterly impossible to actively monitor the loops section all the time due to the fact that Flash Kit is so big right now. I'd e-mail the admin and tell him what the offending loops are. He'll get rid of them after that.

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    Yep, list them here so we can review and remove if needed.

    And yes, all submissions are reviewed before they are made live however if the developer changes their email or other contact information and does not update their links, there is nothing that we can do about it.

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    ok,I will dig em out as I trawl through again for this next project,
    and post any I find in here,

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    That would be awesome. I really appreciate any help with finding old, not working or otherwise unusable resources.


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