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Thread: dreamweaver popup menu disappearing underneath Flash

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    dreamweaver popup menu disappearing underneath Flash

    I have a page http://aventuraforsale.com/proof and the popup menus generated by Dreamweaver disappear underneath the Flash content on the page.

    I figure this is a problem with layers does anyone know of a solution?

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    I'm not going to pretend to know how to fix the problem but I know it is an issue. My guess is that Dreamweaver's default javascript that it writes is just not good enough to handle that situation. I've worked with the guys who did this site: http://www.fcwashington.com/ they ran into the same problem and they seemed to find a solution around it by using a better drop down nav. Nothings really hidden so if you wanted to pull apart the css and scripts on that site, you probably could. My guess is that's a little more back tracking than you'd care to do at this point, but the css and js might lend a clue as to how to fix it on your end.


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    just tested it in firefox on a mac and the nav dropped behind the flash so I guess they didn't find the end all be all solution either.

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