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Thread: FLV8 1-pass vs. WM9

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    FLV8 1-pass vs. WM9

    I was doing some side-by-side comparison's a minute ago with a 400kbps WM9 file vs. a 315kbps FLV8 single-pass file.

    The FLV8 file was created from the WM9 file so it couldn't possibly look better.

    What I did notice is that there was no noticeable loss in quality that I could tell looking at 3 different files and what was odd is that the FLV8 file was noticeably brighter in each instance. The clips were a little dark so it actually helped.

    Any ideas why?

    Based on what I saw I see no reason to even bother with 2-pass, especially given the extra encoding time. At the 300kbps'ish range, has anyone noticed a real difference between 1-pass and 2-pass? Are there certain types of videos were it helps more? High-motion, etc?
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    Thanks for the shout out on the quality of VP6. But as you mentioned seeing the difference of 2 pass will depend on the source material. You will most likely see it on high motions scenes (like you mentioned). And as you start working with it more and more I think you will see the difference on most of your material. IMHO.

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    sorry i posted it in the wrong thread.

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