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Thread: image gallery - instance name

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    image gallery - instance name

    im creating an image gallery and a have 45 buttons.

    i want to make a function and put it on the first keyframe of my movie that says:

    picture_mc.loadMovie( [instance name] +.jpg)

    and than i would just have to call the function on each button.

    how do i do this???


    endless possibilities

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    Give each of your buttons instance names of button0, button1, button2,...button44. Then, the following code will assign each of those buttnos the onRelease code that you want it to have. Depending on how you named you jpegs you will have to do one of two things to load the right jpeg. The easiest way would be to give them all names of image0, image1, image2,...image44. Then the following code woud work fine.
    _root["button"+i].tag = i;
    _root["button"+i].onRelease = function()

    If the images done have similar names, you would have to use an array or something to store the names of the different clips.

    Does the make sense?

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