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Thread: [FeedBack] Our attempt at something big!

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    An FKer
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    Well ... Ill just answer Andross's questions

    This racing game is a side side project between me and Ostil, a small car game which were attempting to make after a little inside joke with my cousin

    See, my cousin has this company www.carpages.ca , and he thought it might be rather cool to have a racing game on there just to make it more interesting

    So were trying to haha ...

    Well we've made one already - but were just remaking it

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    Guys, maybe time to lay this thread to rest.

    Being totally honest, I do admire the way you've approached this. All the way you've been open and honest about what you want to achieve. I think that's why you've been given so much support ( And if you don't believe you have, check some other threads where people have just appeared and said they're going to write Zelda / GTA / etc. ).
    Personally I don't think the game will be completed, but that's just my personal view. I'm hoping at worst that a little while down the line you guys will post "Yep, RPG was too big a project, but we've leaving it with a load of knowledge and our next game will rock because of it". At best, there will be a working RPG for everyone to play.

    But back to why I think this thread should be left to drift away. With it floating around for so long, where it's nearly become a development blog, it's just sitting wide open for people to start taking shots at it. People here like to see progress, nature of the board ( A lot of half arsed, never to be completed games get more posts than complete gold titles. Seems we like to see people sweating blood rather than playing games themselves ).
    Also, with popping up and asking a question half way through, chances are it could get lost.
    Not knocking you guys, but the board isn't for one subject alone, being repeatative I know, but it's not a blog. If you ask a question in here, and it's answered, it's going to make it tricky for someone further down the line with the same question to find it.
    A question a thread is a nice way to go, and let the [Disc] threads sprawl on and on.

    So please don't take my post the wrong way, it's not meant to be negative at all, hopefully realistic ( With a hint of helpful ).


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