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Thread: best way to stream video

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    best way to stream video

    Hey all.

    I'm new to flash's capablities of video and I'm looking for some expert advice for streaming video.

    Currently I have about four video files I'd like to stream. They are:
    • 100 - 650 MB
    • 10 - 20 Minutes
    • 640x480
    • WMV Format

    First, what's the best way to bring down the file size for easy download?

    Second, what's the best way to stream it?

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    Hi WillStein,

    An easy way is to get Flix Pro to compress the wmv to an flv and create a swf player at the same time. Then you need to upload the flv and swf player to the same directory on your http server. From a web browser hit the swf or the html that loads the swf file.

    You can downlaod a demo version of Flix Pro here http://www.on2.com


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    are you using a Flashcom server or HTTP

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    I was looking into flashcom but I don't think it's for me.

    Ideally, sometime in the future, I'd like to embed into like a tv monitor backgroun (and have the movie display in the tv)

    And sometime in the future, I'd like to connect it to a database to display the vid file . . .

    But thats all future plans. For now I'm just looking for the best way to stream it.

    I'm using Adobe Premiere and I go to: "export timeline --> advanced wmv".
    I choose 56k and 700k for the speeds from the preset timelines, but I don't think it's average.

    Current streaming video on the site can be found here:
    http://stfusa.com/news/news.php?newsid=117 (from mississippi volunteer work)

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