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Thread: Question for Poser users

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    I would like to get Poser 4 soon. I have the demo and it doesn't allow saving anything in the trial version. I have been working a little bit with Photoshop 5 in the last two months and I have noticed that I have to save the image as jpg or gif to be able to use it in flash. I'm not sure yet what choices I will have to save in Poser and so my question is this: "Do you have to have Bryce to convert Poser into an image editor?" I have noticed most Poser users also use Bryce and I don't really want to buy another editor, plus I love the quality from Photoshop. I do however, notice a change in the image quality when I save something from Photoshop to jpg or gif. But this seems to be the only way I can incorporate these images into Flash. I know the new Photoshop 6 has "web-saving" options. But I only have the older version. If anyone here uses Poser or knows if I can use it with photoshop, please tell me before I go buy the program. Or if any of you know a better way to keep the quality from Photoshop and still use the image in Flash...thanks in advance...


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    Don't know much poser but in photoshop you could try saving your pic in PNG or JPEG format, then import it into flash and make it into a symbol. Then in the library window in flash, right click on the symbol you just made and turn up the quality options or play around with them to get the best image quality. It all adds to the file size so that’s another thing to think about when you’re chasing max image quality. I think gif sux with flash but hey I could be wrong

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    as far as i know poser images can be saved as bitmaps.

    as long as you only want to use the outlines of your
    character, you won't have to save the poser files as
    .jpgs or suchlike, just import them and trace them.

    this way you'll be able to animate them and file size
    will rest small...

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    Post About poser

    Poser allows you to save your work in( psd, jpg, bmp, tiff..)or any video format like avi at different compressions.

    If you are looking to do 3d character animation export for Flash, Curiouslabs the new owner of Poser are about to release a pro pack plugin. The Poser Pro Pack will export vector converted Flash™ animations from any Poser scene.

    cool, you can see some demos at their site.

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