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Thread: Breaking down some XML to save in database...

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    Breaking down some XML to save in database...

    Hello there!

    I am working on creating a game in which the user must identify different parts of a sentence. To make it a bit more expandable, I am trying to save the XML that powers the game into a MySQL database. Ideally, I would be able to save each sentence into its own row, and still have the attributes regarding each chunk of it split up separately. Take a look at some example XML:

    HTML Code:
    	<sentence id="1">
    		<chunk part="na">In the morning</chunk>
    		<chunk part="sub">the children</chunk>
    		<chunk part="trans_verb">eat</chunk>
    		<chunk part="d_o">their cereal.</chunk>
    As you can see, the sentence is broken into chunks, and each chunk has a 'part' attribute. Please help me figure out the most efficient way to save this into a MySQL database (keeping in mind that it will be entered into the database by a user with an HTML form, and should be editable later by the same user... I will handle all the details, but just keep your responses in that context).

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