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Thread: load multiple xml files from buttons / please help!

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    load multiple xml files from buttons / please help!

    Does anyone know how to swap out different xml files into a single xml object by use of buttons on the stage? I am trying to set up a page where by clicking on different buttons a user can call up various photo albums that would load that album into a single xml object, swapping one out for another.

    so that button 1 would load "album1.xml"
    button 2 "album2.xml and so on into my one xml object called, myXML;

    here is the code I am currently using:

    var urls:Array = new Array();
    var caps:Array = new Array();
    var whoIsOn:Number;

    // this calls up the default album #1 //

    var myXML:XML = new XML();
    myXML.ignoreWhite = true;

    myXML.onLoad = function () {
    var album:Array = this.firstChild.childNodes;
    for(i=0;i<album.length;i++) {
    attachMovie("imageHolder", "imageHolder", 1)
    imageCaption.text = caps[0];
    whoIsOn = 0;


    when i create button w/ this script:

    button2.onRelease = function (){

    it just adds the xml data to the existing xml object, by extending
    the arrays instead of replacing one for the other.

    I tried creating an seperate object for each album, but then i also
    have to rename and create all new arrays "urls2, caps2", etc and
    this seems like a very lengthy workaround... please help! if anyone
    out there knows of a way I can simply bring in my separate xml docs
    and display them one at a time in the imageHolder i have attached
    to the stage.

    thank you so much for any insight or advice!

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    Why don't you create a gallery object that contains all the urls caps etc and then just swap the gallery object when you want to change galleries.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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