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Thread: my portfolio

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    my portfolio

    just created my new portfolio
    let me know what you think :

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    Just a quick word of advice would be to make some indication you're linking a PDF. The format is so bulky that my poor old system tends to sieze up whenever I inadvertantly open .pdf in firefox, causing all open windows to do the white screen thing for a good couple of minutes.

    I'd suggest if you have time to take the relevant parts of what you've included in the pdf and put it into a flash/html presentation that's going to be a little more streamlined, and then, if they feel the urge to print, offer them up the .pdf as a download.

    When I finally did regain control of my system after the breif 2 minute lag the PDF was well presented and clean looking

    A little clarity with the labelling is all you need.
    . . . .

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