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Thread: Looking for small game to license

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    Looking for small game to license

    We are a small but well known company looking to find one or more small standalone completed or near-completed web games to license (or perhaps buy). Can be Flash or other.

    Pay involved for certain licensing right to be negotiated later.

    Looking to do this ASAP.

    Genres: fantasy/RPG/strategy/medieval theme/action/adventure/martial arts/fighting

    or any combination thereof.

    Contact: MindToMatter AT Yahoo DOT com

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    Interested in offer

    Hi I am interested in your offer and would like to take a challenge. If you are interested you can get in touch by email...

    I can produce something for you as a sample and you can choose wether you would like to take anything further.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you.

    email: ufb007@hotmail.com

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