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Thread: and loading into a dynamic teksyfile with .TXT

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    and loading into a dynamic teksyfile with .TXT

    The and , does't load into my flash page, I'm using a .TXT file to load the tekst into my dynamic tekstfield, but the an are not displayed. Which is quit a problem in the French version of a site...
    Could anyone help me fix this problem or is there a solution in any way?

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    flash (at least beyond version 5) normally uses UTF8 encoding. Your system probably uses iso8859-1 codepage, so the french characters are encoded differently. If you create the text file with an editor, check whether there is a "save as" option.
    Unfortunately (for us users) nobody ever had the idea to indicate whether a text file is saved one way or the other (eg utxt vs txt), so this will be a problem for some time.


    BTW: you happened to post this question in a section that has almost nothing to do with your problem, and gets very few visits. The scripting & backend or actionscript sections would be better places

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