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Thread: Sound.start() won't use correct position

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    Sound.start() won't use correct position

    I'm working on a mp3 player with a "popup" button. When you click the button, the player stops playing, and launches a .swf popup that takes over playing the song where it left off.

    However - the popup player insists on starting at the very beginning of the song, even though I'm pretty sure I'm telling it not to. I use this function, which is identical in main player and popup:

    function musicPlay():Void {
    	trace("musicPlay() - songPosition = "+songPosition);
    In the main player, this works just fine. But in the popup - the song starts from the very beginning, and disregards songPosition, although the trace shows that songPosition is set to the correct value.

    Any thoughts?

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    make sure you have target paths correct incase the code is in a different movie clip.

    You might try tracing

    or use
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    Hey, hp3, thanks for answering!

    I'm tracing mySound.position, and it shows that the sound restarts from 0, which I don't want it to do.

    Using "mySound.start(mySound.position/1000,9999)" won't help much - that'll just start the sound from its current position, while I want it to start from a different point; and since I can't set mySound.position (it's read-only), I can't use that roundabout way of getting it to play correctly.

    Not sure what you mean by "target paths". The sound objects are in two different movie clips (which are identical in most respects). I can manipulate them individually in most respects (i. e. pause one, set volume on another, without them affecting eachother). However, all of a sudden I can't seem to start one of them playing where I want it to...

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