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Thread: Displaying MULTIPLE Events on same day

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    Displaying MULTIPLE Events on same day

    First off credit to the developers:
    David Doull of Artifact Interactive www.artifactinteractive.com.au
    // modified by Timothy Luukkonen at the Center for Teaching and Learning ctl.mc.maricopa.edu 5/24/2004
    // modified the layout
    I am working with the XML Calendar to add scrolling to popup and multiple events to same day on calendar view... As well as weekly/3 month view

    My issue lies in getting the XML to read multiple events within the same day... Currently multiple events on the same day are not captured.

    I am somewhat new to XML and would appreciate any replies.


    _root.dayNode_xml=setDay(_root.dayNode_xml,1,"squa re1");

    I have figured out that the above code is what is driving 1 Title to be shown on the calendar.

    I think I need to understand how to add the ability to write a recursive function that reads ALL day Titles, puts in an array and then lists...

    Any takers? Please. TY.
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