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Thread: how can i make this ?

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    how can i make this ?

    i would like to make avatars like those :

    any1 know how? and wich program should i use ?

    some ppl told me its in flash , some told me 3DsMax.

    any idea ? toutrial ?

    plz help me.


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    These look like 3d max movies that have been exported to swf, then editted to .gif.
    You can do these with flash, its not too hard, create a new animation, edit the different effects and fades you want across the timeline, then export as a gif.
    There are a few good online tutorials avalibable, there are tutes in flash itself that will answer your question.
    PS : Looks like a particle effect in max. Have fun.
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    I cant explain exactly how it is done, but I worked on a project with a very similar effect to this and it was done through action script. Some kind of logrithm or something. I would ask in that forum.

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