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Thread: Browser without scrollbar, certain size, no tool bar or adress bar?

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    Browser without scrollbar, certain size, no tool bar or adress bar?


    I have made four animations which are 800 X 500.
    Because two of them use a lot of screenshots which are jpegs I want the to load in a browser and that is exactly that size, the movies to stay non scalable.

    I have managed to figure out how to get the animations to not be scalable but have not figured out how to make the browser un scalable and fit around the movie exactly.

    I dont want any address bar or scroll bar or any of the tool bars only the title bar and thats it.

    http://autodemo.com/web_demos/samples has a few movies that are similar to what i want and am doing.

    Also i need the thing to detect and make sure the user has latest flash player.

    Can anyone Please help?

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    CFA2h (respect the HEX)
    you need to apply the code to a BUTTON action (onPress) or (onRelease) usually..

    if you read the links..you will understand..
    1.) how to GET your code..(and edit to suit your needs)
    2.) understand HOW too aply it to your movie.

    Have you tried to search? search for pop-ups or sized browsers or sized pop-ups..

    try these;



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