hello, I'm using FlashMX2004 and the listbox component. I'm trying to get the listbox to load as soon as my movie loads, but it's not going anywhere. I thought the line "lvAddressData.onLoad = function()" should do it, but it's not working, nothing is loading. I can open the asp file in a separate browser and see the data is there, so that part should be fine.

Also, this is a sample I got off the web, and it originally had V1 component listbox in it, and it did work, but I updated the component to v2, and now it's not working, so I don't know if there's something different I need to load this listbox.

Any help is greatly appreciated, the full code is below, thanks!

// function to GET DATA from table into listbox
// isAdd = true if user has just added a new record
function dataLoad(isAdd) {
	var sLabel, i;
	lvAddressData.onLoad = function() {
		for (i=0; i<this.n; i++) {
			sLabel = padr(this["[FIRST NAME]"+i] + " - " + this["FIRST NAME"+i], 25, " ");
				 LastName:this["[LAST NAME]"+i],
				 FirstName:this["[FIRST NAME]"+i],
		if (!isAdd) {
			dtfMsg.text = this.n + " Records are loaded.  Click any record to view, edit or delete it, or click the Add Record button to add a new one.";
		} else {
			dtfMsg.text = "Record has been added. Enter a new record and click Save to save it, or click any record to view, edit or delete it.";
		// clear record editing fields
		for (i in gaFields) {
			mcFields["dtf" + gaFields[i].name].text = '';
	lvAddressData.tab = "MainUserTable";
	lvAddressData.cond = this.cboFilter.getSelectedItem().data;
	//trace("condition = " + lvAddressData.cond);
	lvAddressData.sendAndLoad("getTableData.asp", lvAddressData, "POST");
	//lvAddressData.send("getTableData.asp", "newwin", "POST");