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Thread: Problem with fscommand exec

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    Problem with fscommand exec

    Hi, i have created a bat file to run my doc file

    batch file

    @echo off
    start ILOFacilitiesFactsheet.doc

    in my button , i added a actionscript

    fscommand("exec" , "loadILO.bat");

    but its not loading..why iissit

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    fscommand is fairly unreliable, in my experience. You've probably run up against a security issue - some browsers have very strong limitations on what they will let Flash do, so the browser might be blocking the fscommand.

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    Actually fscommand doesn't work in a browser at all. It has to be used in Projectors and the standalone flash player. If this is what you are using it for, the bat file and doc file will have to be in a folder called fscommand. This is a security feature of Flash. After you put the files in the folder, use your code just as you have it. You could also try using getURL to open your doc, and it should work in a browser:
    on(release) {
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