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Thread: Looking for a publisher

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    Looking for a publisher

    Sup guys,
    I've been working on a multiplayer online card game called "Ederon" (www.ederon.com) for the past 8 months and the game is almost ready. I just have one problem: Can't find any company or website that would be interested in a partnership to host the game! That is mostly because the game is not that simple. It is completly connected to the website and because of the depth, websites wanting to make reviews and alot of people interested in promoting it, it is not something any website can handle. I tried sending proposals to all big websites that already work in the business, but as expected, I only got 1 answer and later after I discuss the details they werent interested ("it seens a bit too complicated for us" as they said).
    Well, the game is on right now and it is completely free to play, but because I can't afford getting a dedicated server right now (well, only reason I want a partnership would be that issue) I haven't show the game in many places, so there are not many people playing.
    If anyone knows some website that would be interested in make some kind of partnership, ads, anything that would pay the hosting post here, or if you are one, feel free to contact me: webmaster@ederon.com


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    Well, as a game site webmaster I can tell you that the problem is that this not something you can have on your site in addition to anything else. You don't need a publisher, you need a sponsor so you can get a dedicated or semi-dedicated server to host it. To me, this is not a question of complexity but rather one of value. Do I want to host 300 flash games or one card game? I guess it just depends on what you are after.

    Rather than look for a website or webmaster, because they already have a site and are trying to make things work with the direction they have already chosen, you need to find some cheap hosting that will be fairly stable and build a user base. Once you have a few thousand players your product will start to look much more appealing to advertisers and commercial sponsors.

    Hopefully your game is not too processor or resource intensive or you are out of luck. I don't know how you enabled the multiplayer aspect of things, but if you used a socket server of some kind then you are not going to be able to used shared hosting like this, otherwise there are plenty of PHP/mysql hosts out there for $5/month that will do a fine job (see http://icdsoft.com).

    Good luck with your venture man, I can definitely relate to your situation.

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    The game looks good

    Hopefully you can find some way to get host for it.

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    I know this isn't really what you're asking for but...

    I think one of the big problems you're going to have is how terrifying the game is to get into. You force people to go through the tutorial before they can start, and while I can appreciate that you want them to know how to play before starting it's so dense you're going to put a lot of people off. I've played Magic the gathering, and even then I still found it intimidating. Anyone you want to get to partner with you is going to try to play it first, and faced with that I can kind of understand them thinking it's too complicated to be viable.

    My advice is to spend some time simplifying the tutorial. Keep a full, accessible in-game manual but don't force people to wade through it before they've even tried the game. Also, when you're choosing your first deck, I would only show people the main classes they can choose. Just choosing your main classes is scary enough for a first timer, let alone all the other cards.

    I know that you're going to say that it has to be that complicated, but unless you can find a way to ease in first timers you're going to find it really hard to build up the critical mass that all multiplayer games need to succeed.

    Also, if I was a commercial games site I would be seriously edgy about having anything to do with a site that uses so much of other people's content (correct me if I'm wrong. You may have bought all the artwork from baldur's gate etc, or it may be copyright free).
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    Thanks for the answer guys. here are my replies to your questions:
    to leason:
    U are completly right about what I actually need . I just wasnt using the right word I guess hehe. Sponsor is definally my goal here. But yea, the game uses a socket connection and I already have it working on a simple server. Im using a java program for the multiplayer socket connection that runs in another server ("borrowed" until I find a dedicated one) and im using one of these cheap ones already. My problem is that once the game is out I know the server it is hosted in right now will definally not handle. I have another game website with 2K visits per day, and if I advertise there, I'll pay tons of money for the bandwidth.
    PS: This other game website I have already have a sponsor and I cant use them to host my game

    to happinessSam:
    I couldn't agree more with you. I was just waiting until someone tell me something about the tutorial
    Well first things first: about the artwork, dont worry about it. Some of them are not copy righted because they were from the old beta version. I already paid several artists and until december 5th I'll have all original.
    About the "you can't play unless you read the tutorial" I actually removed from the system but I left the text. And you are right, that can intimidate people. My original idea was to make a flashy interactive tutorial, but because Im sort of running against the clock, I just made a step by step pages. And one thing I noticed is that alot of people that are playing right now never read the tutorial and they play just fine. the game is not that complicated after all (mostly because of the system itself that highlight the arena when you drag a card that u can play on that moment).

    Well thanks for the hint guys. I hope you answer my replies here

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    The game looks very good, I hope you'll find a server

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