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Thread: Controling Media Display

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    Controling Media Display

    Hello hope someone can help me, i have some video and its currently being displayed in the media display component there is a attached .flv file etc etc, what i am wanting todo is have a play apuse and rewind button for it but i wish for them to be my own graphics etc is here a wya of controling the media display like u do with media playback component. i had a look arround this section of the site yet could not find exactly what i was looking for.

    Cheers Me

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    Hi check out the "flash video basics" tutes at http://www.gotoandlearn.com. He shows you how to make a play/pause button with your own graphics, a load bar, a buffering bar etc etc - best tutes I've ever done.

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    thx ill go take a look

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    ok i did the tutorials and yes there great thx for that, the next question is the video tutorial works 100% i would slo like it to work for mp3s aswel, does anyone know what i need to edit ti get this to work i have had a play but no luck

    cheers Me

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