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Thread: newbie type question...

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    newbie type question...

    so I'm trying to make a website but for the background I want something along the lines of the following:

    but the question is how do I make a picture that regardless of resolution will go all the way to the end of the page such as can be seen on www.pixelranger.com once you click enter where it goes all the way down the page but even if the image is longer than the page it wont create a scrollbar?
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    Hi just set 3 columns up using tables

    insert the left fade (labeled 1) in the left column

    main site in 2 (see attatched image)

    and right fade (3) in the right hand table

    and then just set up what widths you want on the tables, if you right click > View image you can see how pixel ranger has done his

    hope that solves it

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    You could also use 3 frames like I have on my site.

    Very easy.
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