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Thread: Flipper Hybrid Game-FlipOut

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    Senior Member pellepiano's Avatar
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    Feb 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Ive been trying (for a long time) to make a Flipper game as Ive not seen any done in Flash, but Ive always had trouble with the flippers.
    Ive made a Flipper hybrid game. It has billiard pockets that are closeable, moveable bumbers, tilt button, gravity polarity and som more strange things and a lot of sound effects. It is 95kb.

    A beta is at http://www.estradmusik.se/pp/flipout.html

    A betable 100 meter running game with imported Poser runners is at
    http://www.estradmusik.se/pp/100meter.html (this one has a highscore to)

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    Senior Member Olorin's Avatar
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    Aug 2000
    Very original, works well, and the graphics are good too. The only problem I had is that there are so many buttons to be pressed, but maybe I just need a little more practice

    Like it!


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