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Thread: Background images problems

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    Hey all,

    I have what seems like a simle problem, but I have tried everything in my bag of tricks and have been left banging my head on my keyboard.

    I am working on a few games and what I am triing to do is have the background image change with each level. I have created a mc with each image in a key frame with stop actions on each frame.

    I have tried using tell target,
    I have tried _root.bg._play();
    I have tried _root.bg._currentframe + 1;

    Any ideas?


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    Senior Member Mad-Sci's Avatar
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    Well different levels=different scenes each scene with diff. background.

    or you can try :
    on some event like score, or level ends, movie loops back:
    gotoAndStop (frame);
    frame could be frame+1; or random


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    Tried that too

    Thanks for the help but I have tried that too, I have tried everything possible and can not figure out why it won't work, I've done the same thing before in a buttons on press event and it worked fine. This time I need to do it through actionscript.

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    Senior Member Olorin's Avatar
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    if (level == 2){

    something like that should always work...


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    I figured it out finally

    I had brought the games into flash 5 and the publish settings were set to flash 5, when I reset the publish settings to flash 4 everything works fine.

    Cheers and thanks all.

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    That probably means you don't have the flash 5 player installed...


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