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Thread: Overriding standard softkeys

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    Overriding standard softkeys

    I've just "converted" a Flash web application to Flash Lite 1.1 (for various reasons), and exported it to my SE W910i. However, despite using the fscommand2( "FullScreen", true );, the phone's standard softkey labels are still visible, and active. So I can't customize the softkeys as I want, they still trigger "alternatives" and "back" (meaning quit program), respectively.

    How do I override these standard softkey actions? I'm currently using on (keyPress "<PageDown>"), as with the directional keys.

    Many many thanks in advance

    Edit: It appears that my softkey action does trigger, but immediately afterwards the phone's built in action triggers (in this case exiting the program).
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    read about fscommand2("SetSoftKeys","left label","right label")

    You can use pageup and pagedown to trap softkey presses in FL1.1. FL2.0 AS2 requires a different approach which you can read about in the documentation.

    SE does not recommend using softkeys with its version of Flash lite due to inconsistent implementation across SE devices.

    softkey support is more of a standalone player feature. SE does not yet support standalone, it is browser only. That is why the fullscreen command has no effect on the SE phone.
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