Hi everybody,

I'm trying to decide what's the best way to do this...

The problem:
I have quite a handful of short videos (.avi) that I'd like to put on the internet. It's copy righted materials, so it's preferable that they're not cached in client's computer. My research told me that it's the job for streaming technology, and after further research it seems that flash streaming movies (.flv) are good candidates for this.

The goal:
I know there're apps out there that converts .avi to .flv, but I need to be able to automate this process for the company that I work for. I'm a programmer and I can learn actionscript if needed, but before I spend my time to do that, I need to know if it's doable or not.

The automation process should roughly look like this:
1. The program reads video list from an input file.
2. The list basically are the location of the .avi files in the hard drive.
3. In the loop, the apps will sequentially convert each of the .avi movie to the .flv format.

The questions:
1. Can I achieve my goal using actionscript?
2. If not, can any body suggest a good way to do this? the keywords here is "to automate the process", so feel free to suggest any commercial software as long as it's programmable.

I really appreciate your feedback on this.


PS: As you've probably guessed, I'm very very new in the flash world.