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Thread: standard skin not showing on video

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    standard skin not showing on video

    The quirk is I have the .html file on (domain1.com) while the (skin).swf, (file).swf and clip.flv are all on (domain2.com). The skin doesn't show up in this instance, but the vid plays fine. I want to keep the .html file on domain1 because the rest of the site / related content is there but I need domain2 because it has more filespace.

    I did a test and if the .html is on domain2, the skin shows up fine, so I believe the different domains (or the fact that they're not local to each other) is my problem... how do I get the skin to show even though the files are separated like this ? I am using static URLs in the .html but I don't see a reference to the (skin).swf anywhere.

    Putting the (skin).swf on domain1 alongside the .html didn't work either.

    I saw in the Flash 8 Publish Settings there's an option for "Local Playback Security" but it doesn't seem to do anything to the .html file... is that supposed to do anything ?
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