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Thread: FLVplayback to load FLV

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    FLVplayback to load FLV

    Using Flash 8 and the FLVplayback component to play an external .FLV
    code on timeline:
    import mx.video.*;
    flv1.contentPath = "media/C4Q1_F8.flv";
    Does this only work online ? - How can I create a relative path to my FLV if the flash movie is playing from a local drive (I can enter an ABSOLUTE path, and it works but when the swf and FLV are moved it doesn't connect ??


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    it works for me. Must be some other thing you are overseing. Of course you are talking about the SWF being in "folder" and the media being in "folder/media" right?

    I don't need nor use the "import mx.video.*" statement.

    I do have a little problem, although, that might be related. It seems that once the FLVplayback component tries to play an unexistant path or mediafile, it will lock in a "connectionError" unresponsive mode. This didn't happen with the old MediaPlayback component, and I haven't found a method to 'reset' the flvplayer instance.

    In connectionError mode, it should not respond to play() or stop(), but I dont know why it doesnt respond to close() or load() or contentPath = n.

    Just to discard, you could add a

    trace (flvl.state);

    before and after the flvl.contentPath line.


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