Can anyone help me?

I've made the tutorial "7. Progressive Flash Video Player Part 2 - Additional component development" on this link:


and it was great! Congratulations Tiago Dias!

But i need something quite diferent. I want that the videos in XML file play continously without the combo box.

This code works with event change

var movList:Object = new Object ();
movList.change = function () {
ns.play (cbMovie.getItemAt (cbMovie.selectedIndex).data);
pauseButton._visible = true;
playButton._visible = false;
cbMovie.addEventListener ("change", movList);

I try instead the complete event to go to the next video in the XML, but doesn't works..

var cmpVideo:Object = new Object ();
cmpVideo.complete = function () {
// in here i advance to next video
myVideo.addEventListener ("complete", cmpVideo);

myVideo is the name of the instance Video 1 that i created.

thanks in advance anyone!