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Thread: Current Selection cannot have actions applied to it

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    Current Selection cannot have actions applied to it

    I'm having a problem with a tutorial i have been following to create a website. I followed the whole tutoril through until i get a problem at the final steps.

    Here is the tutorial

    49. after you have typed everything you wanted on the diffrent squares now its time to make it all work. what you need to do is to click on the blue square ontop of the “home button” dont double click it just select it. afte you have it selected press (F9) this will bring up the the actionscript window type the following




    this will make it that when you click on that button it will go to the frame that you named home. follow the same steps on every blue box but where the parentises are intead of having home type in the appropiate name. such as( portfolio, about, faq, and contact.
    I'm using CS4 and every time i try to press F9 on the button i get the message "Current Selection cannot have actions applied to it" I have done some googling and tried other ways around it but none seem to work when i test my sit in .swf.

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    Dr. Bob Rulezzz
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    It's because you're using as3
    Make sure your not using as3 if you want to put the code right in the actions frame of the button.
    If using as3, name the button (i.e. "home_btn") and then open up the main actions window for the frame (not for the button) and put the code:
    home_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, home_btnClick);
    function home_btnClick(e:MouseEvent)
    	gotoAndStop(some frame number here);
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