this is really testing me...

i've looked through the preloaders on whispers footer (which are really helpful!) and found this code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
tb = math.round(_root.container.getBytesTotal()/1024);
lb = math.round(_root.container.getBytesLoaded()/1024);
if (tb>0 && lb>0) {
this.percent = math.round((lb/tb)*100);
if (lb>=tb) {


thing is i understand it all, so had ago on writing my own - it didnt work. so added this scripting instead and it still didnt work.

i dont have transitions in my work, but my swfs do have intros which i subbed in as a replacement. the code works fine when calling the "play" frame of the preloader - but the preloader does nothing - just sits there and then disappears once the movie's loaded. what went wrong?

the only thing i could see different was my "pole_clip" didnt have a variable text box - just an animated loaderBar which is 100 frames - it's this animation that's not working - it justs sits on the first frame the entire loading period. surely this code, "this.gotoAndPlay(this.percent);" is telling it to move...?