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Thread: Load Movie

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    Load Movie

    Hello everyone!

    I need help, I am creating a five scenes/movies and uses nav bar to open or load it. On each page or scene the nav bar function should be all the same in all pages/scenes. This is the script I used look like this "on (release) {
    loadMovienum("colors.swf", 50);

    My problem is if I click on one of the nav that's open to another scene, I can't go back to the prvious scene or any scene. Should I add another action script to take me to another scene, what is the better way to do this or what is the action script should I add.

    Appreciate all the help...


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    takes an uppercase N

    To make the main timeline go to another scene, use labels on keyframes. For example: on scene 2 frame 1 put a label: "scn2"

    then use:



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