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    ok, what's the danger in using a loop created from, say, a movie soundtrack? i made a loop using the 'fight club' soundtrack, and i don't anticipate being able to use this particular loop because it's copyrighted material.

    just wondering what you guys think


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    The danger is that you could be sued by the author of the loop and depending on the person who sues you it could cost you a big chunk of change which in most cases would be more then if you paid someone to create a loop for you. Also there are some great sounds that you can D/L here which are to the best of my knowledge are "free for use" and all that most ppl ask in return is a linkback or something like that so I would not take the chance but that is just me. Also if you really want to use that sound you might be able to contact the author and get permission to use it but I assure you that it will not be free.

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    Hey ALL the loops on are for use . . .even used them. Because i found a couple.

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    Also there are alot of guys that hang out ion this board that have tons of collections of royalty free loops that will send you if you ask really nicely. Also if you know someone who can remix music, you can keep the same bassline but just change the melody of the song. I am not sure, but I believe that legally you must change the music at least 50% from the orignal, copyrighted version. Cheers, Steve

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