OK I am at a loss. Here is the issue I have a list of questions in my XML file that I call randomly and all seems to be working. What I do not under stand is that if I trace a specific attribute it is correct the first time through IE matches what is on screen. The scecond time through (all other times) the trace value mataches the value of the previous question.

I am not using components at this point.

here is the code I am using to call the XML

function showQuestion(questionID) {
var questionID;
quiz = new XML();
quiz.onLoad = newQuiz;
quiz.ignoreWhite = true;
function newQuiz() {

for (var count01=0; count01<=questionlist.childNodes.length; count01++) {

if (this.childNodes[count01].nodeName.toLowerCase() == "questionlist") {

quizinfo = this.childNodes[count01];

function findQuestion(theQuestion) {
var theQuestion;
for (var count02=0; count02<=theQuestion.childNodes.length; count02++) {
if (theQuestion.childNodes[count02].nodeName.toLowerCase() == questionID) {

quizinfo = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].firstChild;
quiz_mc.test_txt.text = quizinfo;
quiz_mc.quest = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.question;
quiz_mc.ans_a = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.answer1;
quiz_mc.ans_b = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.answer2;
quiz_mc.ans_c = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.answer3;
quiz_mc.ans_d = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.answer4;
quiz_mc.correct = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.correct;
quiz_mc.qImage = theQuestion.childNodes[count02].attributes.qImage;

the function showQuestion is call from inside a movie that is on the main stage

Any ideas