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Thread: Need a hand ironing out some creases

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    Components conflicting with other code (links fixed)

    Hello All (links fixed)

    First post here and almost definatly not the last.

    I've been having a barrel of problems ironing out the bugs in a website I've been making for a local band (all completely in flash), now I wouldn't consider myself a novice in the area of flash, but I am a long way from being in anyway confident about what I'm doing and I generally tend to make a huge (completely functional) mess out of most things I do.

    The problem I've been having here is the constant battle between MM Components and your standered preloader starting half way through. I managed to overcome that by shifting the frame in which the Actionscript 2.0 sequences load to frame 3 instead of frame 1. Though this sorted out the preloader, it does seem to have buggered up the components a bit.

    I would be incredibally grateful if someone could have a look at the site for me and even just give me a clue of what I need to do.

    heres the actual site:

    and heres a link to the flash file:
    http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~nick_turner/Karma/Site.fla (made in Flash 8, but saved as FlashMX 2004)

    though I realise there may be a bit of problem due to the file having to load the external swf's.

    Again would appreciate any assistance

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