I have a screen in which I load a Combobox from the Library onto my Stage at runtime and then populate that Combobox's dataProvider with text from an XML file that loaded in as well.

I have set a style for all my components, including the Combobox to use a simple font (_sans) and to not embed a font. The reason being, I ahve ot be able to support 12 different languages and their glyphs. That all works great.

My problem is, why can I not display an apostrophe (sp?) in my ComboBox dropdown list but I can display all manner fo different glyphs otherwise?

I have tried escaping that character with a "\" but that didn't work. And I can not find where to set the dropdown list textfields to render HTML like you can with dynamic textField objects using..

textfield.html = true;
textfield.htmlText = "blah";

No matter what I try I continually get a "'" display in the place of my apostrophe.

Any ideas out there? This one is boggling me.