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Thread: Frame rate

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    Frame rate

    I was wondering if there is an AS code in Flash 5 which allows you to change the movie's framerate during play? as I am trying to make an intro movie ppl can use in their movies, but what if they choose a different frame rate to the intro?

    Please help, I will greatly appreciate the thought!


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    if what you are making is a fle that will be loaded into another swf file.. the one beiong loaded takes on the frame rate of the movie it's being loaded into. So if the main movie has a frame rate of 30 fps, and the external has a rate of 12fps... when the external is loaded into the main movie, they will both run at 30fps..
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    You can trick flash into using a different frame rate by using setInterval(). Example (code will change the frame every 1000 milliseconds):
    setInterval(movieControl, 1000);
    function movieControl()


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    This worked for me thanks buddy... GOD BLESS YOU, you don't know how much you help me.

    I actually change the gotoAndStop for a gotoAndPlay and everything is work just fine.

    Thanks again

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