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Thread: Can you move an _level?

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    Can you move an _level?

    Hi There,

    I want to set the _x and _y position of an _level - is this possible, for example using

    _level1._x = 10

    or does it only work with a movie clip on a level?

    i.e I want to load 10 movieclips into a level using loadMovieNum, then I want to move them all by a certain amount so the whole lot move - do I have to address them individually or can I move the level?



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    As far as I know, you cannot alter the _x and _y of a loaded level, but you could load them into targeted movie clips and then move the targets.

    Or as you said, load them into the level and then target them individually there.

    Have you tried loading them into a series of placehold movies that are located within a parent movie? Then by moving the parent, you could move all together.

    Good luck!

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    the problem is I want LOTS of movies, which means I'm worried about running out of levels - imagine you have a row of 1000 clips and then 1000 columns - that's a million levels, but I'm not sure flash can do that can it?

    So I thought I'd load 1000 into a movie clip, and then load movie clips onto levels....

    man, scripting is tricky!

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    just load the swf's into mc's and move the mc.

    endless possibilities

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    a _level is a movieClip just like _root is a movieClip (i.e. _level0).
    Therefore yes you can move an entire _level, the same as you can move the _root, or any other movieClip.

    The only difference is that a level does not exist until you load something into it. So you would have to move the _level after you had loaded a clip into it.

    If all you are doing is loading a grid of movieClips then there is little point in using levels at all though. Just load them all into 1 level.

    Flash will struggle with a 1000 clips whether you use levels or not so you might want to rethink what you are doing.
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