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Thread: Is this site pure flash?

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    Is this site pure flash?


    I am new to flash but I really like this site even though it is not neccessarily easy to navigate. It is a personal site of the persons work in web, broadcastm print. All of the sites previous versions are archived as well as work.

    I am curious as to how something like this would be put together (programming etc.) if anyone knows.

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    looks like mostly flash but most likely they used after effects or something to do a green screen effect on the mini dancing guy but besides how it was made WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD would some one have a portfolio site showing off their variuos body parts this site is more than screwed up

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    Because Gmunk is a God!

    He's been around for a long time and influenced alot of, now massive, media design companies.

    About time we had a new site from him tho'. He hasnt updated that for years it seems.
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    Interesting website.

    But very hard to navigate. Why do they do that?

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    Thats not a new site. That version's been up since like 2003...or earlier.

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    very old yes! but noise! yes! the blackman is very handsome/sexy yes!

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    if i were a gay man I might like this hard to navigate site... but since I aint ( what??...)
    it seems a bit too complicated to get around in and the LL COOL J looking mo-fo is annoying as all hell.
    2 Thumbs way down!

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    come on you know you like the man-dingo

    ROFL !!!!!

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    this guy may have a little or a lot of sugar in his tank but his designs are even sweeter...he's got hot $#@ designs and video/web work!

    oh yea, this site is old, been up at least 2 or 3 years and in this forum several times.
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    the reason the site may look or feel weird to many is that this is his personal site. as mentioned before he has paved the way of MANY a design firm and "their" styles over the last years. His site was always cutting edge..and he always tried a MILLION different nav styles, programming and video effects this stuff was done WAY before others were TRYING it..

    give some respect.

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    messed up site, well yes. But its funny though, dude got skillz. To bad he dosent showcase any of his latest work.

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