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Thread: Exported Quicktime wont run on PCs

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    Exported Quicktime wont run on PCs

    Hi People!
    I've done a search on this prob but cant find what I need....
    I am exporting to a quicktime video from my flash movie (via sorenson squeeze) and need a client to see it who works on a pc. It runs fine on my mac but wont run on their pc!! yes i added .mov to the filename and i even took teh bugger through Adobe Premier and resaved it but to no avail.
    Anyone suggest a solution...i though Squeeze would solve this problem but nope it doesnt.
    (ps I use Squeeze to make a smaller clip size for email by the way)
    thanks in advance for any help offered
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    maby your using a newer version of quicktime than they have on their pc?
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