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    How to make movie clips not play on frame

    I am making a frame by frame game where each frame is a level of the game.

    I have one level with some movie clips on it, and I don't want them to play upon entering the level/frame.

    I don't want to use the stop command in the movie clips either because there is a play button in each movie clip, so when you press play, it will go to the beginning and stop, I want the movie clip play button make it loop, next to a stop button to make it stop.

    Someone please help.

    Basically need the movie clips to all not play upon entering the level. Thanks.

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    use a stop in frame one of each clip and when you hit the play buttons, when the movies reach the last frame use gotoAndPlay(2). If you want the content of the first frame to be showing, just have the same content in the first and second frames

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