Sort of, though those specific examples are more along the lines of simply being an 'enforcer'. In following this path it is important not to become one who is always looking for those who aren't following the rules and are quick to point this out. This is an excellent way to get a lot of people pissed off at you for being a 'rule nazi'. It is important to note that I am not accusing you of being such a person, only warning against the possibility of becoming one.

And I only say this because out of the examples you gave, this was the only type of feedback in evidence. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what you did or how you did it, only an absence of examples of you helping out in a way that doesn't involve enforcing the rules. Anyone can do that, the exceptions to the rule are those who don't get off on the power trip of being a mod and see/use it as an opportunity to better serve the community.