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Thread: Opening New Window

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    Opening New Window

    in this tutorial it shows how to open a new Internet Explorer Window. Can I open a window of a folder on my hard drive and still be able to control position and size?

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    You should be able to, just change the code on the button so that getURL(); is directed to the folder on your hard drive, eg:

    You should be able to still modify window size etc., though some browsers don't seem to work very well when trying to modify window settings (for example, I'm using Opera, and using window="_blank" doesn't open a new window in Opera.

    Hope that helped

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    I know how to get the folder to open but I need it to open the same dementions everytime. Is there a way to tell the window exactly where to open?

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    You could make an HTML file that has a javascript to position and resize the window and then a big frame with the source as C:\...or even redirect to C:\after you run the javascript to resize the window.
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    Along this same line, I am trying to open a secondary window on the second monitor of a multi-monitor system.

    My code so far is:
    on (release) {
    getURL("javascript:NewWindow=window.open ('http://localhost/swf_files/test.html', 'myWindow', 'left=1025, top=0, width=1024, height=768, titlebar=0, toolbar=No, location=No, scrollbars=No, status=No, resizable=No, fullscreen=No'); NewWindow.focus(); void(0);"); }
    The only problem is that the new window will only open on the main display (Monitor 1). Even if I change the opening locations to left=500 top=0 and leave the width=1024, the new window will alter its width to fit within the first monitor rather than stretching across into the 2nd monitor.

    Has anyone ever come across this problem? Any ideas on how to actually get the mew window to open on non-primary displays?

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