hey y'all,

working on a project which i need a bit of assistance on; if this can't be done then i'll take a simpler approach, but this would be way sweeter. download the fla and take a look.

scrolling clothesline (saved as Flash 7)

i'd like to let the user be able to scroll through the thumbnail 'filmstrip' clips, in much the same way as you see in the example, only i'd like to modify it to do the following but am not sure how to script this:

- have the clips align to and follow along the clothesline as they currently do, as well as let the user scroll through them
- have the clips scle from smaller (about 90% smaller than they are now) to 100%, from left to right
- let the user grab the laundry clothesline wheel to the right, and manually scroll through the clips by turning it counter-clockwise (at this point the auto scrolling script would be disabled, and re-enabled when the user rolls out of the wheel's hit state area

nothing to it, right? ;-)

thanks for any and all help - let me know if you have any questions