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Thread: Read image

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    Read image


    I am trying to find a nice way to present images on my community.

    The image path is stored in a MySQL database, today I use ASP to read it from there (all images is stored on a folder on my webhotel).

    Is there any way to load the images into a flashfile that I make with 3DFA?


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    Look Here for MySQL

    Look here. A lot has been done with 3DFA and MySQL.

    Link To Info

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    um theres a load movie comand, I think its loadmovie ("url") and im pretty sure you can only do it with bitmaps though, if it is a bitmap I can go into more detail.

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    Thanx for the link.

    I checked it out but I am not sure how to do this with ASP that I use in my pages.

    Anyone who can help?


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    I believe that theoretically, what you ask should be possible. I'm not sure if I would personally use Flash for it, due to the lack of flexibility, but I think it's possible.

    The pictures will have to be saved into your mySQL database as JPG's. I believe they have to be non-interlaced JPG's. Then use the 'loadmovie' command as discussed above to access a server side script that will pull the image data from the mySQL database, and pass it to the swf. I'd estimate the chances of success at 50:50. Anyone got a more informed opinion?

    Actually, this sounds like an interesting project that I would have quite fancied having a play with, but fortunately I'll be getting back to paying work shortly so might have to leave this with you. Have a go though, and let us know how you get on, and maybe I can help if you come across problems.

    Please note that my domain has changed to http://www.morganmultinational.com

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