We had a custom media player component created for us to display both FLV's and SWF's along with JPG's and PNG's.
What was delivered to us was a partial working component. It does load all of the files as specified which is not the problem.
The problem is that not all of the specified API's required do not function for the loaded SWF's. works great for the FLV's.
Fast forward, reverse, pause and file finished playing does not wok on the SWF's. All other functions work.

We have all the source scripts in ASI, SWC, MXI along with of course the MXP.

Either the developer we hired doesn't know how to fix the problem or they don't care since they have been paid in full.
We are open for bids to fix/repair this component for us.

Contact Toby Mack at toby@tobymack.com