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Thread: Sequence of videos and swf's in presentation

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    Sequence of videos and swf's in presentation

    I am trying to make a presntation which will have a series of automatically playing video clips (flv) and swf movies in sequence without the user having to press any buttons. There are 6 seperate videos and 6 swfs that will alternate back and forth to create a presentation. The swf's were created from a Macromedia product called Captivate which basically creates an swf of your desktop. Anyway, I can't seem to get the videos to play (using an FLV Playback Component) once I add code to play the swf on the second frame. Any thoughts about how I can acomplish this? I am considering saving all the videos into swf's and having a base swf that will play all 12 movies in a row, does this make sense? Please advise. I am using Flash 8 Pro and I really don't know anything about video! How do i close the FLV Playback Component?
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