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Thread: Find Flashkit.com very UNhelpful

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    Find Flashkit.com very UNhelpful

    I've been in web development for years, seen this site for a very long time!!
    When it first came out, myself and other developers saw it to be pretty good..

    I registered a LONG time ago in hopes of getting some REALLY well-rounded flash help/advice. I posted 3 seperate threads, with 3 seperate discussions, at 3 seperate times. ALL 3 went unanswered, all 3 had well over 100 views. So I stopped coming here because of lack of interest.

    Now, years later, I come back to get some Flash help as I've finished my tour of duty and am back as a designer. I see the SAME problem! NO HELP! Barely at all! Again, TONS of threads with 0 replies, but lots of views.

    How can you call yourself a community devoted to helping developers when your forums are a JOKE!

    And on a side note, all these ads are making your site look like a complete pile of ass! On the homepage, at first glance, know what I see first!?! ADS! BAD DESIGN! unless your only goal is to make money and who gives a **** about the actual community... right?

    % of help to # of Users

    And 10% is being generous!

    IMPROVE the help!!! Look at your own forums!! Look at how many GO unanswered!!!

    Tim Lavelle
    Web Dept. - Multimedia Designer
    Clear Channel Communications - San Diego

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    up to my .as in code Chris_Seahorn's Avatar
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    I'm not a big fan of the ads myself, but I'm also not footing the bill to maintain a board for a half million users.

    I think somehow you have confused the role of a Moderator and I don't think it is their primary job to answer threads, but rather moderate the forums they are assigned too. Even if it were, some threads go unanswered for reasons that may not be obvious...it's a dynamic inherent to all busy forums. I think forums are just what they state to be...forums for discussion.

    Maybe back in the day you asked a question not worth answering. You cannot blame the board or it's moderators because as you state...nobody answered. I don't know what you asked, but it seems everyone (all users) agreed not to answer...on three seperate occasions.

    This is not a technical support website where one can expect an answer to all questions. No ticket system here. You hopefully discuss or ask a question that others find interesting in their area of expertise and cross your fingers.

    I'm not speaking on behalf of the board. I am not a moderator. I am just one of those people who spends quite a bit of free time helping others here and wanted to speak on behalf of myself and hundereds others like me who say you are off base. There is help to be had here. I'd hate to see you walk away for the wrong reason. Surely with all your credentials you can see their side of things as a person in the industry.

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    Hi Oefx, since you used a different user name when you posted before I cant go back and look at your posts or post why I think they went unanswered. I do see now that you have posted about an xml problem here:

    You have responses to your questions and have a response you have not replied to.
    As far as the ads go.Who likes ads? I don't. The ads are just part of doing business and are a necessary evil to help maintain the website.

    I do see one of your posts that went unanswered. Thats one post.

    Flashkit has always been there for me. I have learned so much from my peers on this site its not even funny. As far as getting lots of views and no answer, maybe the question you posed was the same problem others were having and the views were people looking for the answer, or who were going to try and help but didn't know the answer.

    I would hate to see you leave just because you didn't get answer to your question or it didn't come fast enough.


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    If he can find somewhere else that delivers better help then more power to him. We don't make any guarantees that every last question posted to the forum will be answered, and as Chris said (very well) it's not even necessarily the task of the crew to answer questions, but rather to keep order.

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    Main reasons for questions not being answered are incorrect terminology like;

    I put the picture on the board instead of "I put the bitmap onto the stage"

    People asking for help without searching, for instance a thread with the title "Help with Preloader" will get lots of views by new people and non members but established members will just ignore it as the question has been answered a million trillion times before, go search the Newbies section and do a search for preloader you'll be amazed :-)

    People asking for help with things that are just not possible, thats always one that will get ignored :-)

    So my advice get a book do dome reading and learn the techy workd in flash like AS, stage, tween, etc etc etc Oh and dont to go and search for your question as it is bound to of been asked many, many, many times before you thought of it.

    Keep up the great work FK (FlashKit for Noobs)

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    I think Flash Kit rocks.

    people DO want to help here.
    and I would rather have no reply than a reply from someone who doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.

    Think about it. IF someone replies to a post saying "that's not possible" and it is, they will look like a dumba*s. I don't want to be that guy, and I'm sure not many other peolpe do either.

    You can't just post something and expect someone to do all the work for you.
    Cause that's just who I am this week.

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    FK is free and people who help each other do it at their own time for the pure joy of being able to help. There are several reasons why some questions remain unanswered:
    *its in the wrong forum
    *same question has been asnwered already too many times
    *problem is not clear
    *its too complex, it requires debugging of 1000s of lines of code, downloading large files and generally might take couple of days to fix
    *the language used is either bad; its written for chat with no punctuation, lots of abbreviation or hacking slang; it contains swearing, is too demanding or shows no respect to other members

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    As 3Primates states, it is a pity, that we don't know the original Nicks...

    I somehow wonder, how many theads 0efx answered to help someone out
    My letters on the F1 key have faded, how are yours today?

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