I have a 1000 frame 30fps Flash Intro that I have put together in Flash 8 on Mac OS which weighs in at 327kb. The file contains one event sound that is a background sound track that runs the full 30 seconds. The reason I placed the sound as an event sound is that I need to sync animation to sound. Everything works fine for the first few seconds and then the motion starts to lag behind the sound with the video continuing after the the sound has stopped for a few seconds more. When I test the movied in Flash it syncs fine. If I run a simulation for say DSL it starts to get out of sync. So I built a preloader which I thought would assure that ALL the files would be downloaded to the client computer before the file plays. Does this "preloading" not get me around the download speed problems? I thought a preloader delays the start of the movie until everything is on the client hard drive - is that not the case?

I am on Cable connection and when I uploaded the file last night and tested it - it choked after a few seconds. But are the files not cached on the hard drive after the initial download and then play from the hard drive the scond time? The music plays without a problem, but the video starts to lag behind as can be seen by the bouncing star at the end not hitting at the right times with the music.

This test file can be viewed at http://www.choreo.com/Jumburrito .

Thanks for any help in advance.