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Thread: linking to url from swf

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    linking to url from swf

    I'm a newbie so forgive my ignorance... I have created a flash file that I simply want to link to a url. I have tried many things without success. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to complete this project. You can see the file here: http://harboryc.com/index-test.html

    I want the user to click on the flash area to take them to http://harboryc.com/brochure.htm

    I'm hoping I've attached my .fla file okay.

    Thank you
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    This flash file is simply not opening. I have tried it to open it both in MX and 2004 Professional bt it is not opening.

    Here is what u can do....

    Open the Flash file. Take a new layer at the top. Make a box engulfing ur flash area and then press F8. It will open the SYMBOL dialog box and there u select button. After u create the button....double click on it....and pull that keyframe from the UP state to the HIT frame. When u will return to ur scene u will see a greenish or invisible button on that layer.

    To give actions to it....goto Actions and write this script....

    on (release) {
    getURL("http://harboryc.com/brochure.htm", "_self");

    That brochure will open in the same window. If u want to open it in a new window then....

    on (release) {
    getURL("http://harboryc.com/brochure.htm", "_blank");

    Hope this Helps.


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