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Thread: cropping videos?

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    cropping videos?

    Hey there.

    I have a video, about a minute long, which will be played in about 10 second chunks at various points in a Flash presentation.

    Two questions:

    1) is it best to pre-crop them into pieces before import to Flash or can i just import the long version then only show certain parts at certain times?

    2) I encoded the video in Flash 8 encoder but am using mx2004 to make the piece. is this a problem? Right now the video plays back with audio but with black screen :\

    thanks for any info! I'm just learning this video stuff.

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    Flash 8 has some issues in exporting - playback compatiblity in older players even as recent as Flash 7 player

    It is better to crop and then display
    What you can do is put them in an xml drive player and have them rotate one after the other


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